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Shrimp Paste Hotpot


Shrimp paste hotpot or it is called "Lẩu mắm ruốc", is a speciality of the south-west Vietnam. You only eat once and you will never forget its flavor. The best combination between seafood and vegetables will bring an amazing flavor in your mouth. Especially in rainy days, enjoying this hotpot with vermicelli can make you feel warmer.

Hello Vietnam

"Hello Vietnam" English version of "Bonjour VietNam" sung by a Vietnamese-Belgian singer, Pham Quynh Anh. She had captured the hearts of Vietnamese audiences worldwide with its meaningful lyrics and beautiful melody.

Though the "1-hit to stardom" singer has only heard stories about Vietnam through her parents and.."films by Coppola", such tragedies have apparently left a strong impact on her. And despite so many unpleasant stories of "bombs and bullets", just like the lyrics she sang "One day I'll come to you...To say hello... Vietnam"...Quynh would love to visit the motherland...