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Learn Vietnamese

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* Tips of learn Vietnamese language

Practically speaking, the best tactic when learning a language in general (and specifically Vietnamese language) is to imitate the native speakers and try to remember the vocabulary used as much as possible. These efforts can help you to speak and understand common, real-life sentences. In addition to speaking the "everyday language", it is important to speak correctly and understand why the sentences are spoken in certain ways. Our teachers will assist you with rules of pronunciation, show you ways to build upon your vocabulary and explain sentence patterns and grammar structures. After mastering these foundations, you will be in a position to continue your Vietnamese language studies, either with assistance or by self-study.

Do not be in a hurry to speak the language. Master the pronunciation foundation first: vowels, diphthongs, syllables and the tones. Be patient, focus on and learn the ways of pronunciation. Pay attention to listening and try to imitate the pronounciation using exactly the same sounds as the local teachers.

The tones are always the same and do not change with different circumstances . In some languages (eg. English and Japanese) when asking a question, the speaker's voice usually rises at the end of the question. When speaking Vietnamese, regardless of whether it is a statement or a question, the rythm of the sentence always depends on the tones. Therefore, when asking a question in Vietnamese, the tone will determine if your voice should rise or go lower at the end of the sentence.