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We are different.

We are one of the most professional and reliable Vietnamese teaching centers in Hanoi due to our proprietary right to our unique online software and widely published textbooks.

With our flexible and exclusive digital education platform, even the busiest learner will be able to feel like a true native speaker in no time.

Students not only get better at Vietnamese but also have the chance to connect and network with other foreigners like them as well.

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Integrity is our most treasured possession and Passion is our most valuable asset. We stay true to ourselves no matter how hard things get and, as a result, we have consistently followed through on what we have set out to achieve with our students year in and year out.


We can help you learn Vietnamese the easiest way.

Choose the Learning style that best fits your schedule.

Face To Face Learning

Online and offline personal tutoring with creative and intuitive teaching methods – enjoy your first FREE session.

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Self-Study Online Software

Learn Vietnamese at your own pace, anywhere, anytime with our patented software – FREE 14-day trial.

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We choose the best Curriculum awarded by the MOET.

Our training programs are designed based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), including 6 different proficiency levels of Vietnamese language.

This is Beginner level - Learn Vietnamese V1

A V1 level of Vietnamese would be sufficient for very simple interactions, for example as a tourist in Vietnam. After 80 hours of cumulative instruction, you’ll be able to learn Vietnamese with ease and understand:

Very basic, everyday phrases.

Carefully articulated, slow speech with long pauses.

Very short, simple texts, familiar names and words.

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Embassies and major organizations in Vietnam choose us.

  • Royal Thai Embassy Hanoi
  • British Embassy Hanoi
  • Embassy of the Republic of Singapore Hanoi

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